Client: FF Solutions GmbH (Tado)
Roles: Wireframe/concept developer, designer, GUI/app devloper

Tado needed a fallback for their automated heating control system. Users without a smartphone or requiring a finer degree of control over their heating could use the scheduler app. The heating schedule app enabled the user to choose the heating mode (sleep, home or away temperatures) for a given time of the day. From lots of paper sketches we produced some wireframes to get us started. We went through various design iterations and changes before we came up with the current solution.

Users could schedule the ‘Wochentage’ (1 mode for all weekdays) or a full 7 day week (‘7 TAGE’) to set custom schedules for every day of the week. Because not all heating states would fit into a single view, we created an overview using colour to represent the various states.

Screenshots and designs to come (system not yet public).