Client: Lusini GmbH (EM Group)
Roles: Initial search facet prototype builder, template construction, Ofbiz hacker, GUI dev, search interface system maintainer

I was hired as the first GUI dev. The one who would be setting up the Apache Ofbiz system to look like the designs and work with all the custom features the core dev team were implementing. I first worked on a prototype which was later turned into the first inline facetted search breadcrumb navigator. If the title sounds long, that’s because it is. We eventually realised that it was too new and clever for most users. They simply couldn’t work with it because they didn’t know how. Moving on and learning from these experiences we later greatly improved the search experience and it’s one of my favourite e-commerce sites for usability.

We used the Underscore and Backbone javascript frameworks for creating the various GUI/JS templates we used throughout the site. As the product data was highly varied, we had a massive amount of selenium tests built to test not only the backend functionality but also the expected functionality from the frontend/GUI interactions.


Products had very special variant rules requiring that only certain properties were valid combinations with other properties. All of these combinations had to be processed and tested on the client side. When there were too many variant combinations a dropdown system was used as an alternative (non-clutter) GUI solution. Both the button and custom dropdown solution had to use similar but different validation and visual feedback techniques due to their inherit differing visual nature.


We built a one-page checkout process to streamline the checkout experience. Numerous validation tests were required throughout including: coupon code usage, product still on stock, purchase options based on user data, shipping options based on various price break rules and more.