Filez – Branded simple FTP for clients of clients

The problem:

Your clients send you multiple design files, documents, videos, and porn…
They send it via CD, email or some custom 3rd party server with complex file restrictions and size limits etc.

The solution:

Create a simple web application with user logons to browse files and avoid loosing emails, CDs and filling up your file server.

Filez is a Flex application that can easily be branded to look like your own app. Clients can login and upload to their shared folder upon which the Filez owner receives a notification email. Files can be downloaded and uploaded whenever required while not worrying about your email account being full or dying because some mad hatter client sent you a 70Mb attachment.

Additionally, the file server can be run on a private internal server so that the only time spent is uploading the file, and not in the download by the Filez/server owner.

For more details on the Filez system I have developed including screen shots and a demo, please contact DynamicDan.

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