Client: Earlybirds (Sound Advice)
Roles: Initial bug fixer or ‘make it work’ man, flash developer, e-commerce maintainer, SEO consultant, framework builder, design consultant, user analytics consultant, site maintainer

I started working with Earlybirds through Right Side Design, a Melbourne based design agency. I was on the scene to fix the last few remaining bugs in the custom made e-commerce flash solution. Over time I upgraded the site and especially the flash files. I implemented the Gaia Flash Framework to help with bookmarking the flash pages/products and to allow for a better alternate SEO version of the site. Users could access the site using earlybirds.com.au/#/sunnydays and search engines would crawl earlybirds.com.au/sunnydays. This was a clean and simple (white hat) SEO solution that worked well. I became the technical lead for the project managing all international websites (ES/UK/US/AU). Eventually we made the wise decision to switch to HTML and enjoy the speed benefits but while still keeping the unique design and feel of the Earlybirds brand. The site used many custom animations and effects to display content and this was no easy job to migrate them to HTML/CSS/JS. The site continues to evolve and develop. I now assist with technical support, SEO and user analytics advice.