Why Scrum

S.C.R.U.M = Something inCredibly Reliable and of the Utmost iMportance…

(okay, I made that one up… but it has the same meaning!)

After being introduced to the SCRUM development methodologies at RMIT (Melbourne) and being extensively trained in the process at Publicis (Munich), I decided to implement SCRUM into my work flow with clients. I then built my own SCRUM management system into my existing CTS (Client Time System) with future plans to sell it as a stand alone app.

Quite simply, SCRUM has a…

  • strong focus on transparency on all levels
  • stories organised STRICTLY by business priority that specify the exact benefit and to whom
  • clearly defined dependancies which are resolved PRIOR to starting any project
  • responsibility clearly defined and achknowledged by all involved
  • solid understanding of what DONE means along with validity tests

After all the task management systems and processes I have used so far, I believe that SCRUM is the best approach to take for any project, whether large or small.

For more details on the online SCRUM system I have developed or how clients are involved in the SCRUM process, please contact DynamicDan.

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