Why Google Added the search option

We all use google right? Or at least we all search for something on the net, so why not provide the same option to your customers or website visitors?

If you haven’t already got a search working on your website for your internal pages/content, get one! If you have, then you should make sure you can see all the previous user searches. A well setup search tool should have tracking implemented and sync in with Google Analytics events tracking for easy monitoring.

DynamicDan added a simple yet nice AJAX search option on earlybirds.com.au with tracking through G.A. The net gain is well worth any time/cost in setting it up. Within 1 week there were over 100 searches made on their site from 4 different countries. Earlybirds can now see what their customers really want and make sure that future searches always return useful results.

In todays competitive market place, helping users find what they want quickly and easily will put you ahead of the rest. When consumer trends or desires change you’ll be ready for them!

Contact DynamicDan for help setting up your search system.

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