Why dropbox rocks!

Email has become the virtual dumping ground for everything. People are expected to accept anything via email, not lose track of emails, accurately sort and maintain a clean and authentic reply thread on every discussion. Problems arise when you receive or send the same file from or to multiple people who make their individual changes (and often on outdated versions!).

Version control doesn’t work in emails!

Dropbox has become the best replacement for email attachments and other outdated file syncing systems.

Why Dropbox could work well for you:

  • easy to share files without any login required for the viewer
  • easy to have a shared folder so that new files are automatically seen on the viewers’ computers
  • works seamlessly with the OS, no additional FTP app needed
  • mobile app for on the go access
  • it’s fast and reliable along with file history management and an optional yet excellent web interface

One of the unexpected benefits is that clients can see exactly what files are being worked on in their projects and when. This helps greatly with providing transparency over a project (more so when growl alerts are enabled). BTW, dropbox is highly secure for confidential files – in some cases more secure than many high-end email systems.

EDIT: top 10 uses for dropbox (with some extra-ordinary uses!)

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