The DynamicDan SCRUM system

I’ve decided to use SCRUM with all my clients and projects so I created a system that met my needs. This system has been built from a ‘what I need now’ basis of development and is working quite nicely at the moment with various clients. Why do I use SCRUM?

  • Story navigation and quick overview of tasks (tasks not started/in progress/complete)
  • Ability to toggle viewing of tasks and story details for readability.
  • Clicking a story automatically jumps to the story on the page and reveals the tasks

Stories Overview

  • Every story has a title, ‘user story’ based description, test case for completing the story, complexity rating, related notes and references to the story that may be useful.
  • Tasks are split into: not started, in progress and finished.

Story Tasks

  • Story details are hidden by default leaving just the story title and user story description.

Story List

  • Tasks can have a: descriptive title, important note or dependency (in red), priority and further details that should be taken into account.
  • Using the note/dependency field makes it easy to see what should be resolved within a story before starting it.

For more details on the online SCRUM system I have developed or how clients are involved in the SCRUM process, please contact DynamicDan.



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