Hi! I’m DynamicDan (aka Daniel Pettet). I’m a web developer and consultant. I build and support website development from every perspective. I have a Bachelor degree in Multimedia Systems which means I like working with anything interactive from interactive design and usability to programming and functional interactions. I’m currently launching myself into project management roles to lead and direct larger web applications. You can browse my recent projects above or check out my blog for some interesting reading.

Wondering if I’m the right fit for your project? I code, design, consult, manage, build, plan, market, analyse, optimise and do just about anything you might expect a web developer to do these days. Call or email me to get started.

If you love long lists of things, then this part is for you…


  • Front end dev esp. JS (?)
  • Back end dev esp. PHP (?)
  • Web Programming (?)
  • Design (?)
  • Usability (+Testing)
  • Wire framing and mockups (?)
  • Information Architecture
  • Agile inspired planning (?)
  • Prototypes
  • SEO
  • Continuous Integration (?)
  • Automated Testing (?)
  • Optimisation (?)
  • Consulting (?)
  • Creativity (?)
  • Fun (?)

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